Internal Glass Partition/ Shopfront Glass

Internal Glass Partition / Shopfront Glass
Glass is an excellent choice for internal partitions. Not only does it allow light to penetrate further into a building but it can provide many other functions:
Acoustic attenuation
Reduce noise levels between areas;

Impact resistance
provide a screen for security or prevent falling from one level to another, create glass corridors;

using texture glass or tinted laminated interlayers including white translucent effects/etched effects;

create attractive interior, give the possibility to add logos or direction designs;

Fire resistance
provide protection against fire.
There are numerous applications for glass as an internal divide. Keeping natural light penetrating as far into a building as possible is a major benefit not only in reducing artificial lighting but providing occupant comfort as well. The Pilkington fire product range means that even in sensitive areas glass can be used with great effect.

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